If Thing T. Thing from The Addams Family were alive today, it would be a heavily tattooed rapscallion – wandering the earth getting tattooed at every opportunity!  To pay homage to that iconic extremity, dozens of Things have been sent to some of the best artists across the globe to tattoo exclusively for our gallery.

These one-off tattoos will outlast your own, making them unique artifacts of tattoo history. This is your chance to own a moment of a rapidly evolving global art culture. 

Browse our hands and remember, we ship internationally!
Domes are available with each hand, or standalone.
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Artists currently tattooing Thing:

Guy Le Tatooer guyletatooer.com

Mel Wink @smel_wink

Damien Thorn @damien.j.thorn

Kenji Alucky @black_ink_power

More to be announced...

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