Do Thing Gallery ship internationally?

Yes, we do! To find out the applicable rate just enter your address at checkout before finalising your purchase. Free postage for all Australian orders of blank silicone! 

How different is Thing to skin?

Very different! Although tattooing a Thing is great for practice or showcasing your work, it is no substitute for the real thing. The hands are stiff and do not 'feel' like skin, but they are life-like in their aesthetics! 

Do stencils transfer onto Thing?

Stencils do not transfer onto Thing like they would onto skin, although there are several ways around this such as spraying the stencil with aerosol or using a mixture of dettol and stencil solution and leaving for up to 12 hours (leaving it for to long may cause the stencil to permanently remain on the hand); using a Brut Stick, drawing directly onto Thing with a Bic pen, or just tattooing freehand.

Thing is not intended as bridging tool but as a medium in and of itself. 

We recommend testing your stencilling method on some scrap silicone before transferring to your hand or sheet, as there have been instances where the stencil became a permanent mark. 

Does Thing Gallery take custom orders? 

Yes we do! A popular custom order is a full silicone head, so feel free to shoot us an email to get the ball rolling.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes! Get in touch for prices.

What is your return policy?

We do not return any of the hands from our gallery. With regard to hands and sheets from our silicone shop, due to the nature of our product it would depend on your reason for wanting to return the item, however, if there is a physical fault with the product we will happily refund the item.